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Cumberland's Current COVID-19 Response and Solutions

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Service Offerings to Support COVID-19 Response

Remote care solutions, virtual visit and patient portal concierge desk and tactical updates to EHR systems and workflows

Remote Patient Care Solutions – Cumberland is available to support your organization in rapidly expanding and optimizing your remote care solutions, including COVID-19 screening/triage tools, e-visits, virtual/telehealth visits and telerounding. If you are just beginning your remote care journey, we can help you sort through available technology platforms and plan for this effort. We have developed an expedited implementation process to setup the right tools and to help you support them.

  • Telehealth Technology and Workflow Evaluation
  • Rapid Implementation Services
  • Virtual Provider and Staff Training
  • Long-term Planning for an Optimized Telehealth Solution

Virtual Visit and Patient Portal Concierge Desk – Cumberland can serve as an extension of your current Service Desk and support increased call volumes, enhancing your provider and patient experience. Our analysts are trained in vendor EHRs and our robust onboarding plan ensures our support agents also quickly learn your health system’s workflow in order to provide personalized services.

  • Patient Portal Access Requests and Password Resets
  • How-To Questions

Tactical Updates to EHR Systems and Workflows – Operational workflows and staffing patterns are changing to enhance COVID-19 response. Cumberland can provide best practices for efficiently and effectively implementing changes. Some examples include:

  • Facilities/Point-of-Care Locations – Patient care is occurring at screening/testing sites and temporary quarantine facilities that didn’t previously exist in the EHR. Similarly, hospital units are being repurposed as temporary ICUs. Cumberland can help you set up new department records including printing, security and other configuration required for care to be delivered.
  • Users and Security – Traveling nurses and other types of surge resources are being deployed in geographies that are most impacted by the virus. Cumberland can assist with adding these new users to the EMR system.
  • Diagnostic Testing Orders and Screening Questions – EHR vendors like Epic and Cerner have been releasing updates containing new COVID-19 order sets, tools, and reports. Cumberland can help with system configuration to ensure the latest tools are quickly available to your end users.
  • Reporting and Analytics Needs – We have seen an increase in the number of COVID-19 related custom report requests to track patients and outcomes. Our reporting team stands at the ready to help you quickly customize reports for your environment.

Remote Training – Whether it be new long-term hires or temporary surge staff, we can provide safe and effective EHR training led by trainers credentialed in your specific platform.

  • Remote personalization labs
  • On-demand provider “how-to” sessions
  • Live web-based training sessions

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