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Nobl's Current COVID-19 Response and Solutions

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Nobl Rounding Platform
Bed expansion, audits for cleaning processes and protocols, and rounding processes to help address staff concerns and questions

The Nobl Rounding Platform is a highly configurable solution that can easily be adapted to round on patients and audit environments of care in response to the changing dynamics of the COVID-19 pandemic. The strong partnership with our clients and quick response of our client service and support team have allowed us to update the software rapidly to support their evolving needs during this time.

  • Expanding the number of beds in Nobl: Many of our clients today have single occupancy rooms, but as the demand for beds is expected to go up, we have added additional beds in Nobl to be able to handle patients in newly created doubleoccupancy rooms or in beds B, C, and D. New vertical zones or triage areas have been added to support rapid assessment of patients in the emergency departments.
  • Using Nobl to audit cleaning processes and protocols: Now more than ever we need standardization and adherence to sanitization and disinfection practices. Today many of our clients already use Nobl to audit environments of care. Since COVID-19, we have partnered with clients to create new specific audits of their cleaning processes and protocols for use by EVS and infection prevention leaders.
  • Using Nobl to round on employees to address safety concerns and answer questions about COVID-19: Many of our clients today already ask questions during employee rounding to harvest feedback and seek ideas on how to improve processes. Since COVID-19, our partners have altered their employee rounding process to address safety concerns and answer questions specific to the virus. Partners are also using our platform to document employees’ ideas on safety enhancements for both staff and patients.
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