Suki's Current COVID-19 Response and Solutions

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Digital assistant with COVID-19 data and templates and resources for telemedicine; light version offered for pop-up and triage clinics

Suki is committed to supporting our friends and colleagues in the healthcare industry during this time of crisis. Here are some steps we are taking to assist our doctors:

  • Suki comes standard with COVID-19 data and templates, so notes for affected patients can be done quickly. Given the considerable time savings and proven increase in patient throughput that Suki has demonstrated, this will help providers deal with the upcoming crunch.
  • Suki supports telemedicine visits. Since it’s a mobile form factor, all doctors conducting telemedicine visits can easily use it. We have added templates that make this even easier.
  • We will offer Suki Lite to all pop-up and triage clinics. This is a light version of Suki that needs no EMR integration and is a quick note creator. Output is in PDF and can be stored in a variety of formats.
  • We will offer Suki and Suki Lite to all urgent care facilities, hospitalists, critical care facilities, pop-up clinics, triage clinics, and locum tenens physician assignments for *free* through at least May 31, 2020.