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Leverage KLAS' unique position and expertise in the healthcare IT industry to help solve even your most nuanced business challenges.

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How We Help

We provide unique guidance and data-driven insights to help you bridge the gap between theory and practice

In healthcare the stakes are high, and the challenges are urgent. To succeed on your journey, you need both deep insights and effective action. But we also know that your time and resources are limited.

This is where we can help. KLAS, as a key third-party research firm dedicated to healthcare, has deep relationships with vital healthcare stakeholders, including providers, vendors, investors, service firms, government agencies, payers, and associations. KLAS is at the intersection of these groups, creating a unique vantage point and deep expertise around the successes, turnaround stories, and challenges these groups face.

Our mission is to employ this depth of insight and experience to help you overcome the barriers that can often stall companies and teams on their journey to success. KLAS has the deep insight and nuanced guidance you need to make effective decisions and prioritize resources.

Woman meeting with a healthcare consulting team.
Who We Help

We have insights for everyone

Healthcare Provider Organizations

KLAS can help facilitate stakeholder alignment to overcome barriers to success, help you understand your IT stack, and improve your patient and clinician experience with technology.

Investment Companies

KLAS can help you separate fact from fiction during M&A due diligence, target identification, and strategic market planning.

Software Companies

KLAS can help you identify operational challenges impeding your progress, elevate the market’s understanding of your brand and value, improve your customers’ experience, and increase your understanding of the healthcare IT market to better prepare for the future.

Healthcare Payers

KLAS can help you partner effectively with providers to achieve mutually beneficial outcomes and better understand customer and member needs.

Services Firms

KLAS can help you align with clients during touch implementation, help you better understand your market, identify opportunities for growth, and improve client experience.

Government Agencies

KLAS can help increase your understanding of the experiences of healthcare IT customers and users, market needs and trends, and align disparate stakeholders to accelerate industry progress.

Partnering with us is simple

Help us get to know your challenge

Schedule a call to help us understand your business goals, what success looks like to you, and what barriers you face.

Craft the approach

As we continue to deepen our knowledge of your organization and goals, we will collaboratively identify the right ways KLAS can support your mission and success.

Collaborate with KLAS as you execute

We are active partners in seeing your project through to success, checking in both during and after our engagement to help you stay on track.

At the Intersection of Healthcare IT

Areas of expertise

Operational challenges, financial pressures, rapidly evolving patient and customer needs - reaching your outcomes in the face of these challenges can feel impossible. KLAS can help you confidently align and focus on the right areas to break through these barriers.

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Stakeholder Alignment

Ensure every stakeholder, internal or external, is on the same page when it comes to your priorities, goals, and progress. We facilitate clear communication across all parties, swiftly highlighting issues or misalignment so that each party can act.

Charting Your Path to Grow Impact

Identify the right opportunities and potential pitfalls as you work to grow your business and impact—whether you are a healthcare organization, a technology vendor, or an investor.

Market Insight and Intelligence

Increase your understanding of the healthcare IT market, its dynamics and trends, and what it means for you. Whether you are doing due diligence M&A work, acquiring a new solution, or looking to differentiate yourself, we’ll help you separate fact from fiction.

Perception & Positioning

Elevate the market’s understanding of your brand and value. We help you understand what perceptions exist today, identify how you want to be seen, and target a strategy to close that gap through more effective delivery or shifts in strategy.

Customer Experience/Performance Improvement

Use KLAS’ expertise, data, and research engine to better understand and improve your customer or patient experience. We can conduct in-depth interviews, hold focus groups, or convene customer gatherings, all to get you the custom insights you need to elevate your improvement efforts.

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