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Computed Radiography
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Computed Radiography 2007 Computed Radiography 2007
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Computed Radiography 2007

July 11, 2007

Find out why healthcare providers rated the CR Systems vendors favorably with an average Performance Score of 87.9 compared to the overall KLAS Medical Equipment Performance Score of 85.1 in KLAS’ 2007 Multi-Plate Computed Radiography (CR) System Study.

Today’s report is an update and continuation of the research published in the June 2006 Computed and Digital Radiography Perception Study. At the request of providers and vendors, KLAS did a Multi-Plate Computed Radiography (CR) System Study to explore the performance of the multi-plate CR modality and related vendors, explore the balance of CR and Digital Radiography (DR) offerings in an imaging portfolio, understand options for primary and backup machines for redundancy, and overview critical success factors for successful selection and implementation of CR systems.

Providers who contributed to this research have selected and implemented one or more CR units and enthusiastically gave their input regarding how it has impacted their clinical practice, administrative workflow, available functionality and overall imaging and reporting integration. Feedback from respondents will allow readers of this report to separate some of the hype from the simple realities of actual performance.

Main body vendors and products include:

  • Agfa CR 85-X
  • Carestream DirectView CR 975
  • Fuji ClearView-CS
  • Konica Xpress CR Dual Bay
  • Philips PCR Eleva Corado
author - Robert Ellis
Project Manager
Robert Ellis
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