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CPOE Digest 2010 CPOE Digest 2010
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CPOE Digest 2010
Traffic Jams on the Road to Meaningful Use

June 8, 2010

Healthcare organizations that have not yet adopted computerized physician order entry (CPOE) have plenty of company. Only 14 percent of U.S. hospitals have achieved the expected 10% CPOE level required for Stage 1 of meaningful use (MU).

The other 86 percent of hospitals have just over a year until July 1, 2011, the latest date for early MU payments. (While full reimbursement is expected to be possible by as late as July 3, 2013, this research will focus on the initial July 1, 2011 date for MU payments.) Clearly, it is rush hour for hospitals trying to meet MU. For hospitals trying to maneuver through, where are the traffic jams? What is causing them? What is the likelihood that resources are available and the software mature enough to achieve sufficient CPOE use by mid-2011 with deep adoption thereafter? To answer these and other questions, KLAS gathered CPOE data from many Canadian hospitals and virtually every U.S. hospital (excluding military or VA) that were live with a commercial CPOE product through 2009. These 481 interviews represent the 804 hospitals included in this 2010 CPOE report.

author - Robert Ellis
Project Manager
Robert Ellis
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