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Enterprise Imaging Virtual Gathering 2020 White Paper Enterprise Imaging Virtual Gathering 2020 White Paper
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Enterprise Imaging Virtual Gathering 2020 White Paper
Progress and Opportunities in Time of Crisis

author - Monique Rasband
Monique Rasband
December 25, 2020 | Read Time: 1  minute

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2020 has been full of challenges, with a global pandemic, economic crisis, remote work reimagined, and so many areas of everyday life impacted as a result. Despite these challenges, the enterprise imaging (EI) market continues to march forward. In a poll of 25 leading health systems, 72% of organizations report that their enterprise imaging strategy progressed despite facing significant barriers due to COVID-19. This shows that enterprise imaging is possible even in trying times.

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With these challenges, opportunities have arisen to adapt, overcome, and learn from these experiences. KLAS’ 2020 virtual EI summit brought together approximately 60 EI thought leaders from provider and vendor organizations to discuss learnings and share best practices in critical EI areas, including:

  • Establishing a strong foundation for enterprise imaging
  • Providing effective implementations and training
  • Building and maintaining an effective imaging committee
  • Making use of the RFP to ensure your strategy gets off on the right foot

status of enterprise imaging strategy
author - Madison Moniz
Madison Moniz
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