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Go-Live Support Segment Highlight 2020
Differentiating Firms in a High-Satisfaction Market

author - Kaleb Harris
Kaleb Harris
author - Rebecca Hammond
Rebecca Hammond
May 21, 2020 | Read Time: 3  minutes

Provider organizations looking for go-live support have many experienced, knowledgeable firms to choose from, but how can they differentiate the good firms from the exceptional ones and ensure their engagement goes as smoothly as possible? Based on the feedback of current clients, this report examines overarching trends in the go-live support market and highlights each firm’s individual strengths and weaknesses.

Market Context

Provider organizations that engage a services firm for go-live support are often looking for help upgrading IT systems or consolidating systems following a merger or acquisition. Across firms, engagements tend to be smaller than in the past, as most large organizations have go-forward systems in place.

overall scoreAs this market has matured, client expectations have increased—as they have in many services areas—and firms generally do a good job keeping most clients satisfied. Therefore, it is consistent high performance (across clients and throughout individual engagements) that separates the exceptional firms from the rest of a high-performing pack. Client organizations generally gauge a go-live firm’s performance based on the firm’s expertise (sharing best practices and delivering additional value are the new norms) and ability to meet and exceed expectations.

go-live support firm profiles

Contact Information

Provider organizations and services firms wishing to engage with KLAS further on this topic should contact Kaleb Harris and Rebecca Hammond.

kaleb harris

Kaleb Harris

Research Director

rebecca hammond

Rebecca Hammond

Director of Customer Insights

Market Overview

Many firms that offer go-live support excel in the areas of partnership and engagement execution, so much so that provider organizations have come to view these attributes as table stakes. Organizations expect firms in this market to be able to provide strong organization of the tactical elements that propel an engagement forward, and most firms are able to deliver, executing projects well and on time.

CSI Healthcare IT, Engage & Medasource Excel at Executive Involvement

In general, relationships are a strength across firms. Clients appreciate when they can rely on their firm to provide clear communication and executive touch points through the duration of an engagement. Firms that particularly excel in this area are CSI Healthcare IT, Engage, and Medasource. This is due to strong project management, high responsiveness, and engaged executives that check in throughout a project.

executive involvement

Staff Quality Complaints Most Acute from HCI Group & Nuance Clients

Consistency of staff quality is an area in which all firms could improve. Regardless of a firm’s overall performance, staff quality is generally the metric in which clients report the lowest satisfaction. While the problem is common across firms, its severity varies greatly; it is a minor issue for some client bases but is mentioned regularly by others. Clients’ perceptions of money’s worth are closely tied to their quality of staff ratings—high-performing vendors in this space clearly communicate with clients about cost and have few misses in staff placement.

money's worth vs. quality of staff/consultants

Staff quality problems are most pervasive for HCI Group and Nuance clients, who report that poor or inconsistent staff quality reduced their engagement’s overall value. The HCI Group clients who experienced staff quality issues report that resources didn’t have the skills necessary to be helpful or were not qualified for their role, making the engagement feel like “a waste of time.” Feedback from Nuance clients is more of a mixed bag, and the reported issues revolve more around culture problems, such as lack of accountability or poor work ethic.

author - Elizabeth Pew
Elizabeth Pew
author - Natalie Jamison
Natalie Jamison
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