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Image Exchange 2013
A Close Look at Accelarad

October 17, 2013 | Read Time: 3  minutes

As the necessity to easily exchange images between healthcare facilities has grown, the image exchange market has been heating up. Accelarad was the first to attack the problem of image exchange, and they are the top-ranked image exchange vendor. What can providers expect when working with Accelarad? What success and challenges have providers experienced?


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Customers are satisfied, but not excited—As the highest-rated vendor in the image exchange market segment, Accelarad offers a solid system. However, only a handful of provider comments showed real enthusiasm about the product. Accelarad clients see the system as a helpful tool, but there is still opportunity for Accelarad to improve and more deeply engage their customers.

Accelarad’s Happiest Customers are Community Hospitals—Inpatient customers, especially those hospitals under 200 beds, are very pleased with the system, particularly with the ease of use and the delivery of new technology. While community hospitals are the happiest group, providers are pleased with Accelarad’s ability to scale. KLAS validated several large IDN sites using Accelarad. Only a handful of interviewed providers were outpatient facilities, and they were not as pleased with the functionality of or with the communication.

Simple New Sender Setup and Workflow—Providers reported that SeeMyRadiology. com is extremely easy to use and the workflow is intuitive. The CD uploader helps to improve provider workflow with a CD rejection rate of only 3%. Providers also reported that setting up new users only takes a few minutes and can be done quickly over the phone or via email. If there are challenges, clinical users have less success working with the support team than IT users have; Accelarad is better at building relationships with the IT department.

Half of the Respondents are Using Accelarad’s Mobile App—Some excitement centers around Accelarad’s mobile app. Clinical personnel are predominantly using iPhones and iPads to access images off-site and feel that it is easy to use. However, it is not something that providers are using all the time. Two of the providers not currently using the mobile app anticipate using it in the very near future.

Viewers have room to improve—Of all the components that go into using, the viewers received the lowest rating. One challenge providers had with the advanced viewer is that they must be on the correct version of Java, which was not something end users wanted to worry about. Others mentioned that the basic viewer was not diagnostic quality and they prefer to just use the PACS to view images.

What Successes & Challenges are Reported by Users?

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Major success with using is reflected in providers being able to accomplish more efficient, expedited care because they get images more quickly. One provider explained, “Our trauma surgeons are a lot happier with Accelarad because it is a quicker process. They view images before patients even come through our doors. They actually view these images with the radiologists and talk together about the next course of treatment. Then when the patients come through the door, they are already prepped and ready. Before, we had to wait until they came in and then put them through an assessment and put them on the CT scanner.”

Providers noted that sending images via the cloud with SeeMyRadiology. com is easier than burning CDs and the facilities receiving the images like the process better: “ has really reduced our need for CDs. We don’t get complaints anymore from hospitals that cannot read or open our CDs. We just send the images and let the hospitals take care of them in their PACS products. That is perfect.”

The main challenge providers face is getting other facilities to use the platform. Another challenge mentioned by several providers was the speed of loading or transmitting images. Though providers wish the system were quicker, the consensus is that the workflow is still improved and more efficient

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author - Robert Ellis
Project Manager
Robert Ellis
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