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Middle East EMR 2019 Middle East EMR 2019
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Middle East EMR 2019
An In-Depth Look at Regional Performance and Market Share

author - Everton Santos
Everton Santos
author - Jonathan Christensen
Jonathan Christensen
January 29, 2019 | Read Time: 3  minutes

In the Middle East, EMR purchasing energy is growing. The number of private healthcare groups in the region is expanding, and several public healthcare organizations are evaluating their go-forward EMR plans. And while overall digital maturity of hospitals is lower in the Middle East than in some other parts of the world, those organizations who have decided to implement an EMR have very high expectations for deep adoption and need vendor partners who can help them meet their goals. This report—KLAS’ first focused exclusively on the Middle East—explores which vendors have market energy and how well they meet customers’ needs.

countries where performance research was collected
overall performance

Cerner Improving, Leveraging Strong Regional Presence; Epic High Performing for Early Customers

Cerner is the overall top-performing fully rated EMR vendor in the Middle East. Their longstanding, market-leading presence in the region continues to expand, and their customers include public and private healthcare groups. Cerner’s performance in the region has improved over the past two years thanks to improved partnerships with longstanding customers and strong collaboration on recent implementations (with some hiccups related to training and support handoff after the go-live). Epic, with a much smaller customer base in the region (four live organizations, one of which went live after the research period for this report), has excelled in collaborating with customers. The vendor’s strict implementation methodology helps customers quickly achieve deep adoption. While respondents feel the system is expensive and want Epic to provide more in-region resources, all would choose Epic again.

InterSystems’ Growth Leads to Resource Constraints, Drop in Performance; Health Insights Functionality Not Meeting Larger Customers’ Needs

Thanks to their web-based product, private cloud offering (TrakCare as a service), and lower price point, InterSystems recently signed a number of new customers in the Middle East. However, this large influx of customers has led to implementation challenges such as missed timelines, unresolved product issues (especially with RCM), and unkept promises. Longstanding customers also report missing the tight collaboration they previously enjoyed. Resource constraints have been felt most acutely by smaller customers.

Health Insights offers a highly responsive support experience, and smaller customers report a very positive product experience. However, larger customers (300+ beds) report functionality gaps and insufficient R&D, leading multiple larger customers to decide to replace the vendor. Health Insights’ newly released cloud version has generated some optimism, but too few have implemented it for KLAS to be able to measure its performance.

impact of customer sizing on overall performance

InterSystems Leading Field of Multiregional Vendors in Recent Hospital Wins

The Middle East EMR market includes a wide field of options. In recent years, provider organizations have more often chosen vendors based outside the region (such as InterSystems, Cerner, ezCaretech, Epic, and more recently Dedalus and MIMSYS) rather than local vendors (such as Advanced Technology Company and Beshara). Health Insights has historically seen little growth, but a couple of net new customers selected the vendor’s cloud platform in 2018. DXC Technology’s Enterprise Management solution has very little market energy in the region.

total hospital wins

Scoping and Vendor Bottom Lines 

scoping and vendor bottom lines
author - Amanda Wind Smith
Amanda Wind Smith
author - Natalie Jamison
Natalie Jamison
author - Sydney Toomer
Project Manager
Sydney Toomer
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