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Middle East EMR 2019

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Middle East & Africa EMR 2021 Middle East & Africa EMR 2021
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Middle East & Africa EMR 2021
Vendor Performance and Market Energy

author - Everton Santos
Everton Santos
author - Jonathan Christensen
Jonathan Christensen
author - Sidney Tate
Sidney Tate
September 9, 2021 | Read Time: 9  minutes

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Many healthcare organizations in the Middle East and some in Africa have made EMR purchase decisions over the last five years (2016–2020). In that time, KLAS has validated 86 EMR decisions—72 in the Middle East and 14 in Africa—impacting over 320 hospitals, with decisions made in 2018–2020 impacting (on average) at least twice as many facilities as decisions made in 2016–2017. This report will examine the customer satisfaction, market share, and recent wins and market energy of EMR vendors in the Middle East and Africa. Compared to KLAS’ previous report on EMRs in the Middle East (published in 2019), this study includes performance data on a significantly higher number of vendors, providing more expansive insights, particularly into the Middle East market.

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Key Findings:

  1. Cerner Continues to Lead in Performance, with Customers Reporting Stronger Relationships
  2. Successful Migrations Greatly Boost Health Insights’ Customer Experience
  3. Growing Pains Still a Challenge for InterSystems Customers Despite Improvements
  4. Regional Decisions Bolster Dedalus (DXC) & Cloud Solutions; Satisfaction High with Epic though Cost Is a Deterrent
  5. Middle East/Africa EMR Landscape
  6. Regional Summaries
author - Sarah Hanson
Sarah Hanson
author - Madison Moniz
Madison Moniz
author - Natalie Jamison
Project Manager
Natalie Jamison
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