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Points of Light 2024
Celebrating Payer & Provider Partnerships That Enhance Healthcare Outcomes

author - Boyd Stewart
Boyd Stewart
author - Aurene Wilford
Aurene Wilford
May 1, 2024 | Read Time: 18  minutes

Strategic partnerships between payer and provider organizations and their HIT vendors are becoming a cornerstone of transformative improvements to healthcare processes and outcomes. KLAS’ annual K2 Collaborative Points of Light awards celebrate such partnerships’ successes—or “points of light”—in reducing cost and inefficiencies and improving the patient, provider, and payer experience.

22 partnerships were awarded a 2024 Points of Light award, and their strategies and outcomes are shared in this report to illustrate the art of the possible. To help payer and provider organizations and vendors more effectively collaborate to resolve major points of friction, this Executive Insights section provides a high-level summary of the challenges the award winners tackled, the outcomes they achieved, and key lessons learned on the journey; the full report provides an in-depth case study of each collaboration.

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Key Findings:

  1. Points of Friction & the Technology Used to Address Them
    • Variety of HIT Solutions Used to Address Points of Friction
    • Overview of Points of Light Collaborations—By Type of Challenge Addressed
  2. Points of Light: Most Common Outcomes Include Improved Efficiency/Processes, Improved Care/Patient Experience, and Improved Provider Experience
    • Value-Based Care Outcomes & Patient/Member Engagement Increasingly Top of Mind
  3. Key Lessons Learned
    • Build Partnerships of Trust & Collaboration
    • Have a Problem-Solving Mindset That Drives Proactive, Agile Behavior
    • Conduct a Pilot & Focus on Change Management
    • Measure Program Impact & Monitor Data Accuracy
author - Natalie Hopkins
Natalie Hopkins
author - Jess Wallace-Simpson
Jess Wallace-Simpson
author - Joel Sanchez
Project Manager
Joel Sanchez
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