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Remote Patient Monitoring 2019
The New Age of RPM

author - Adam Cherrington
Adam Cherrington
November 14, 2019 | Read Time: 3  minutes

Almost all users of remote patient monitoring (RPM) solutions get measurable outcomes (see KLAS’ 2018 RPM report), but because of factors like value-based care, new reimbursement options, and consumer-focused technology, the market and customer expectations are evolving. 

This report, KLAS’ first look at RPM vendor performance, investigates how vendors fare at transitioning away from the old paradigm of rigid, hardware-based products to the new age of RPM—in which solutions empower patients and facilitate expansion of RPM use cases. Which vendors offer the technology, support, and flexibility that provider organizations need to grow their RPM programs?

Few Vendors Eager to Measure Customer Experience

Especially in new or newly energetic market segments, KLAS measurement of customer satisfaction relies partly on vendors sharing complete client lists. Unfortunately, not all vendors are willing to participate. Health Recovery Solutions (HRS) and Vivify Health shared client lists and are fully rated in this report. Resideo (Honeywell) did not, though KLAS’ own efforts yielded enough surveys to share a limited amount of data. The same lack of transparency prevents Care Innovations, Medtronic, and Philips from being rated in this report despite KLAS’ best efforts. In the future, KLAS will continue to reach out to these and other RPM vendors’ customers and encourage participation from all market players.

The RPM Landscape

The following graphic shows where each vendor’s technology and approach to RPM fall on the spectrum toward the new age of RPM.

the old age of rpm the new age of rpm

HRS & Vivify Lead amid Shifting RPM Paradigm; Resideo (Honeywell) Playing Catch-Up

amid market pressures
functionality and tangible outcomes

Newer market players Health Recovery Solutions (HRS) and Vivify Health are helping to lead the evolution of the RPM market by leveraging existing consumer hardware and investing in easy-to-use, patient-centric software that engages patients in their own care. HRS customers particularly highlight their patient-communication capabilities (text-based chat and video visits). Vivify’s solution receives praise for customizability that supports new use cases. Feedback on Resideo (formerly Honeywell), a more longstanding market player, comes from limited data. Customers feel Resideo has struggled to catch up and transform their offering to match the new RPM paradigm.

Most customers use the Resideo offering for fairly basic use cases (e.g., gathering patient data for analysis). All vendors have room to improve in reporting; customers want to be able to customize system reports and drill more deeply into data to optimize their RPM programs.

strength of technology

Resideo, Vivify Struggle with Support in Wake of Vendor Changes

proactive service and quality of supportvendor guidance and supportResideo customers report a mixed experience with service. While the vendor is responsive and fixes problems when alerted, they lack more proactive support, let alone the strategic guidance organizations need to expand their RPM use cases. Personnel turnover and poor communication leave customers feeling out of the loop. Vivify Health customers report the vendor is proactive and listens to customer feedback, but some experience support bottlenecks, which they ascribe partly to Vivify’s fast-growing customer base and partly to unwelcome changes in the support model. HRS receives praise for partnering with customers and developing what they need to achieve patient-centric goals and outcomes. Staff members—from assigned success representatives up to executives—pay special attention to customer
data and look for opportunities to improve the solution.

quality of services

HRS Smooths the RPM Road by Avoiding Extra Fees

despite its strong roi

HRS stands out for not charging for every little thing; some customers go so far as to call the vendor “gracious” about helping to limit the cost burden of RPM. Customers report that direct patient support comes standard as part of HRS’ RPM contracts. In contrast, Resideo customers report the vendor’s historical practice of line-item pricing (e.g., for equipment upgrades) discourages adoption and expansion of RPM programs. A few respondents say recent changes
to Resideo’s pricing model have lowered equipment costs somewhat.

overall performance score vs avoids nickel and diming
ear to the ground
author - Amanda Wind Smith
Amanda Wind Smith
author - Madison Moniz
Madison Moniz
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