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Remote Patient Monitoring 2019

Remote Patient Monitoring 2019
The New Age of RPM

Authored by: Adam Cherrington and Colin Buckley November 14, 2019 | Read Time: 3  minutes

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Almost all users of remote patient monitoring (RPM) solutions get measurable outcomes (see KLAS’ 2018 RPM report), but because of factors like value-based care, new reimbursement options, and consumer-focused technology, the market and customer expectations are evolving. 

This report, KLAS’ first look at RPM vendor performance, investigates how vendors fare at transitioning away from the old paradigm of rigid, hardware-based products to the new age of RPM—in which solutions empower patients and facilitate expansion of RPM use cases. Which vendors offer the technology, support, and flexibility that provider organizations need to grow their RPM programs?

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Key Findings

  1. The RPM Landscape
  2. HRS & Vivify Lead amid Shifting RPM Paradigm; Resideo (Honeywell) Playing Catch-Up
  3. Resideo, Vivify Struggle with Support in Wake of Vendor Changes
  4. HRS Smooths the RPM Road by Avoiding Extra Fees
  5. Ear to the Ground
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