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Revenue Cycle Unicorns 2019

Revenue Cycle Unicorns 2019
Unique Solutions Closing Gaps

Authored by: Paul Pitcher and Lauren Barton December 12, 2019 | Read Time: 1  minute

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The healthcare revenue cycle is a notoriously treacherous, high-stakes journey, and provider organizations who don’t have the right tools in hand are likely to get held up fighting high costs and lost revenue. While KLAS has done extensive research in the past on revenue cycle solutions, this report focuses on the solutions that take a more unique approach to tackling revenue cycle issues—in other words, revenue cycle “unicorns.” These solutions often don’t fit into KLAS’ traditional revenue cycle market segment, lack direct competitors, or are potentially disruptive to existing ways of doing business. As a result of their unique nature, the solutions rated in this report are not compared side by side but rather examined individually through the lens of customer experience.

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Key Findings

  1. Revenue Cycle Unicorn Solutions—What Do They Do?
  2. Scope & Performance Summary
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