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RTLS 2019

RTLS 2019
Exploring Attainable Outcomes with Deep Adopters

Authored by: Tanya Egbert and Shea Smart April 23, 2019 | Read Time: 5  minutes

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KLAS’ 2016 RTLS report revealed that many provider organizations want to do more with RTLS. This year, vendors’ deepest adopters share how they are expanding their use of RTLS solutions. What significant outcomes are they seeing because of these efforts? How can other organizations do the same? Additionally, insights from both deep adopters and vendors’ broader customer bases indicate that while most RTLS vendors successfully help organizations drive outcomes, there are a couple of vendors with which success is much less likely. 

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Key Findings

  1. AiRISTA Flow and Cerner Fall Far Behind in Delivering Outcomes Due to Poor Product and Relationship
  2. CenTrak and STANLEY Healthcare Facilitate Broad Spectrum of Use Cases, Drive Outcomes
  3. TeleTracking, Midmark RTLS, and Sonitor Excel in Key Metrics Driving Outcomes: Collaboration and Actionable Data
  4. Best Practices from Deep Adopters
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