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Single Sign-On / Context Management 2008 Single Sign-On / Context Management 2008
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Single Sign-On / Context Management 2008

February 13, 2008

Although Single Sign-On (SSO) technology dates back with some vendors to 1996, adoption has been slow. Within the past two years, interest and deployment in this technology have increased, and the solution has blossomed into more than a security solution. SSO ends up impacting physician (as well as nurse) workflow and their ease of use with technology. Ultimately, it hits a facility's bottom-line and affects patient throughput.

One healthcare provider KLAS spoke with revealed:

We did a time and motion study in our ED, and by doing that study, we learned that by reducing the number of clicks and keystrokes; a physician was saving 30 minutes a day. That was empirical data. The chair of the ED is an advocate of technology, but he also had a suspicion about our results, so he repeated the same time and motion study himself and was able to replicate our results.

KLAS chose to publish one 422 page report exploring both Single Sign-On and Context Management due to the complementary nature of the two technologies. Based on the data gathered, KLAS discovered that SSO is a when rather than if technology--even if the only driving force toward adoption is meeting requirements for HIPAA, JCAHO and other patient safety initiatives.

Providers using SSO and context management report a solid performance from vendors in the marketplace so far. However, with adoption being only a matter of time, providers searching for a solution wonder what the differences in vendor offerings are, what advice SSO using providers would offer to those chosing an SSO and Context Management solution and which vendor provides the best technology solution fit for their facility.

Products qualifying for inclusion in the study were:

  • Fusion by Carefx
  • Encentuate Single Sign-On
  • Imprivata OneSign Single Sign-On
  • Novell SecureLogin
  • Sentillion Vergence Single Sign-On

Preliminary findings were also included for CA Single Sign-ON (eTrust), HealthCast eXactACCESS and Passlogix v-GO SSO.

Additional vendors mentioned by providers for potential inclusion were IBM, Oracle, RAS, Protocom and Citrix.

author - Robert Ellis
Project Manager
Robert Ellis
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