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Speech Recognition 2008

July 1, 2008

In recent years, healthcare provider organizations have reported dramatic workflow efficiency and cost savings benefits by adopting speech recognition technology. These reports have motivated a great many providers to consider speech recognition as the next step in automating their data flow and documentation; that movement toward automation prompted this study on the vendors that supply speech recognition technology.

KLAS interviewed more than 300 individual healthcare professionals regarding the speech recognition solutions in use at their respective organizations for this 307 page report.

Front-end speech recognition products qualifying for ranking in the study were:

  • Agfa TalkStation
  • MedQuist SpeechQ
  • Nuance PowerScribe
  • Nuance RadWhere (Commissure)
    • Back-end speech recognition products qualifying for ranking in the study were:

      • eScription EditScript (now Nuance)
      • Dolbey Fusion Speech
      • Nuance EXSpeech (Dictaphone)

      Early back-end speech recognition findings were also included for MedQuist DocQment.

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