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Talent Management 2017
High Performers in Performance Management

author - Tanya Egbert
Tanya Egbert
December 7, 2017 | Read Time: 4  minutes

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Many provider organizations are interested in having a single solution that can competently meet all their talent management needs. Because talent management suites are often implemented one or two modules at a time, KLAS scrutinized satisfaction with performance management functionality within the context of broader talent management performance and found that organizations have a number of comprehensive, high-performing options.

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1. Saba Halogen, HealthcareSource Unsurpassed among Standalone Talent Management Solutions; Workday Shines among Full HRIS Platforms

Acquired by Saba in May, Saba Halogen stands out for efficient implementations, front-end training, and “best I have ever had” customer support. HealthcareSource offers the most intuitive workflow on the market. Customers appreciate the simplicity of tracking employee reviews and making global revisions to job descriptions and performance appraisals. HealthcareSource is also unique in being the only solution for which KLAS was able to validate consistent integration between performance management, learning management, and leadership assessment modules. Feedback for Workday and PeopleFluent is limited. Available only as part of a broader human capital management platform, Workday’s performance management functionality is above average in every area KLAS measures; users specifically note the solution’s high ease of use. PeopleFluent’s performance management functionality has seen marked improvement. Infor and Oracle users report difficulty learning and using the clunky software and have the lowest expectations of improved future satisfaction.

satisfaction with talent management suites and performance management functionality

2. HealthcareSource Makes Simple Work of Global Changes; Saba Halogen Hones Access Control

Global changes in HealthcareSource are made in real time—“literally with a click of a button . . . in less than a minute.” Customer inability to replicate settings and templates without involving HealthcareSource makes it more time consuming to make batch edits to job descriptions. Saba Halogen users are highly satisfied with superuser and access-control features that allow reassignment of evaluations during a manager’s leave of absence. Organizations that contract with SAP expecting a cloud-based tool with extensive configurability are disappointed by restrictions that prevent changes to performance forms without the costly involvement of SAP or an implementation partner, leaving customers feeling nickel-and-dimed. Oracle customers describe a highly incremental, tedious process for making changes—items in a job description must be revised one at a time, one document at a time, for every change.

how easy is it to make global changes and control access

3. HealthcareSource, Halogen Provide Reactive, Constructive Guidance and Support

Customers report that HealthcareSource’s communication is responsive but not proactive. While customers of all vendors see guidance and new-manager resources as areas for improvement, HealthcareSource customers are more satisfied in these areas than their peers, referencing video training, web conferences, helpful account representatives, and step-by-step guides. Some customers report a decline in customer service that they believe is related to a recent change in HealthcareSource’s leadership. Saba Halogen customers are so satisfied with the support they receive that more than one-third spontaneously praised it when asked about their overall experience. Satisfaction with support, however, has been steadily declining since Saba’s acquisition in May. Satisfaction with Workday’s guidance and training is mixed—a few respondents speak positively of the interactive Workday Community; others point out that Workday offers little in the way of frontline training. Many Infor customers engage consultants for implementation, customization, and training. SAP’s standard customer service is atrocious, though organizations that purchase a preferred care support option may have a better experience.

proactive service vs quality of phone web support

4. Performance Management Adoption Exceptionally Low for Oracle & Infor Despite Large HRIS Market Presence; Workday Part of Long-Term Plans for 100% of Customers

Given Oracle’s and Infor’s large HRIS customer bases, the low adoption of their talent management solutions is striking; customers do not feel the solutions meet their healthcare needs, especially considering the reported high price points. 100% of Workday respondents plan to stay with their vendor for the long term, citing significant executive involvement, proactive satisfaction checks, and a customer-centric environment in addition to a one-stop ERP platform. PeopleFluent customers also report optimism, due to continued delivery of new technology, PeopleFluent’s willingness to address ongoing client concerns and requests, and confidence in leadership changes. Saba Halogen customers report similar confidence following Saba’s acquisition of Halogen; customers have the highest satisfaction with ongoing development and are most likely to recommend their vendor to peers. Still, Saba Halogen customers are more likely than any of their peers to consider replacement. Neither HealthcareSource nor Saba Halogen offers the broader HRIS functionality (including payroll and financials) available from a complete HRIS platform like those from Infor, Oracle, or SAP. A meaningful number of provider organizations say they are more likely to opt for one-size-fits-all HRIS products, even if they consistently deliver poor performance and abysmal customer satisfaction. The relatively high number of SAP customers considering replacement say that the unexpected costs of hiring third parties for implementation, customization, and training are a primary reason.

long term plans and perceived value

author - Jess Wallace-Simpson
Jess Wallace-Simpson
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