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The Puzzle of Patient Engagement 2018

The Puzzle of Patient Engagement 2018

Authored by: Adam Cherrington and Colin Buckley April 5, 2018 | Read Time: 8  minutes

Patient engagement is as old as medicine, but the use of information technology to engage patients is just taking shape. Broad visions and experimentation abound, but there is a lack of consensus regarding end goals, and pathways are still being cleared. Resources needed to move forward are scarce with investments largely being dedicated to the most obvious of tactical, departmental business cases. To help provide transparency into these industry trends and HIT vendor performance, KLAS has published an ongoing series of reports on the effectiveness of patient engagement solutions and quality of vendor relationships. This whitepaper represents a high-level summary of findings from three comprehensive annual reports published in 2015, 2016, and 2017 to provide insight on the status, progress, and direction of patient engagement technology.

  1. Where is Provider Attention? Proactive Engagement Takes a Back Seat to Regulatory Requirements
  2. Where is Vendor Attention? EMR Patient Portals Take the Stage, Raising Expectations for Enterprise-Level Solutions
  3. Where is Patient Attention? Outreach Tools Overcome Patient Disinterest in Portals
  4. Moving Forward: Pursuing Common Ground through Collaboration
  5. Initial Patient Engagement Framework
  6. KLAS Reports Related to Patient Engagement
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