Hyland's Current COVID-19 Response and Solutions

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NilRead - PACSgear Image Link Encounter Workflows
Vendor-agnostic, web-based access to DICOM images; quickly capture images in the emergency department or other triage location

Hyland Healthcare wants to help customers better manage the medical imaging demands related to COVID-19. It has put together two special packages that are designed to get customers up and running quickly while minimizing the immediate financial impact and providing the option to return the product after the “trial period.” For both solutions it’s offering use for six months and deferring implementation fees. After six months, organizations can decide to acquire the software at a discounted price or let the license expire.

Remote Diagnostic Reading and/or Image Enabling MyChart Patient Portal

NilRead is a vendor-independent, web-based software solution for remotely accessing DICOM images from any VNA or PACS and can help you better manage the medical imaging demands of COVID-19 by:

  • Enabling radiologists to make diagnostic image interpretations remotely
  • Allowing over-taxed healthcare facilities to easily route medical images to other locations for interpretation
  • Facilitating real-time image collaboration with other providers
  • Sharing medical images online with your patients via Epic MyChart
  • Supports diagnostic reading for up to 30 concurrent registrations. We would design a custom offering for more concurrent diagnosticians.

Point-of-Care Ultrasound for Emergency Departments

With PACSgear Image Link Encounter Workflows (ILEW), clinicians can quickly capture images in the emergency department or other triage location. The images are then linked to the patient’s record in the EMR so that they can be easily accessed.

PACSgear ILEW increases the speed and accuracy of point-of-care image indexing by bridging the worklist functionality that exists in many point-of-care ultrasound (POCUS) devices by providing access to the HL7 patient and study data generated as part of normal clinical workflows.

  • Once stored in a VNA or PACS, point of care studies can be made available through the NilRead viewer for remote diagnostic reading.
  • PACSgear ILEW eliminates clinical blind spots often created by point of care devices, enhancing clinical visibility and improving patient care.

Additional Hyland COVID-19 Offers

  • OnBase Employee Reporting Application: Helps organizations track and manage illness in their teams during the pandemic. Employees can report information such as fever, exposure to COVID-19, or illness with COVID-19 with this app.
  • Remote workforce support: Keep staff connected and content accessible with ShareBase, Hyland’s secure cloud-based sharing and collaboration platform, through a free subscription until at least June 1, 2020. Improve bandwidth to support web-based access to enterprise data, documents, and real-time interactions with a six-month free pilot of the OnBase Web Server.

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