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Identity Automation's Current COVID-19 Response and Solutions

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RapidIdentity MFA & RapidIdentity SSO portal
Access management platform to help organizations keep their data secure while employees work from home

To help minimize COVID-19’s impact on your organization, Identity Automation is offering current and prospective customers no-cost, no-strings-attached temporary licenses and installation training for RapidIdentity MFA and the RapidIdentity SSO portal through 9/30/2020. Current customers who take advantage of this offer will experience an upgrade to their current response times at no additional cost, and prospective customers will receive our free level of support.

RapidIdentity MFA safeguards organizations from unauthorized access by adding a second or third verification method in addition to passwords, rendering attacks harmless. Our MFA methods can be coupled with most remote VPN solutions, providing access to thirdparty vendors, contractors, consultants, and others who need remote access to resources.

The RapidIdentity SSO portal helps organizations address access challenges while offering clear productivity and user experience benefits, especially when working from home. A user authenticates one time in one system and can then access multiple applications without reauthentication.

We’re also available to discuss your unique challenges and how RapidIdentity’s Automated Lifecycle Management, Identity Governance, and Privileged Access Management capabilities enforce least-privileged access and ensure that proper identity and access controls are maintained and updated.

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