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j2 Global's Current COVID-19 Response and Solutions

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Consensus healthcare interoperability platform
Free access to on-demand patient-record query through Consensus healthcare interoperability platform

J2 Global, Inc., a leading Internet and information services company, announced today that it will offer healthcare providers free access to on-demand patient record query during the COVID-19 crisis through its recently introduced Consensus healthcare interoperability platform. On-demand record query is a valuable tool within Consensus that enables healthcare providers to access the patient records needed for treatment through Carequality.

The need for important patient information to be shared, along with the facilitation of requests and response for patient records, are vital to ensuring proper patient care during a public health crisis such as COVID-19. The Consensus query tool, connected by Kno2, can ensure timely, coordinated care responses by providing access to a comprehensive, on-demand patient record retrieval service from a surrounding community of providers at no charge.

The stress on frontline healthcare workers to quickly assess a patient’s acuity level and history and prioritize patients at greater risk has increased dramatically with COVID-19. Emergency rooms, urgent care centers, specialty providers, telehealth providers, skilled nursing facilities (SNFs), durable medical equipment (DME) companies, and others across the care continuum are all struggling with access to needed patient data. The Consensus query tool can lessen that burden for the entire healthcare community with an ondemand record retrieval service.

Consensus is offered by J2 Global with eFax Corporate, the largest enterprise-grade, cloud-fax solution that has also earned HITRUST CSF Certification. Consensus, connected by Kno2, offers an additional level of collaborative data sharing, including cloud faxing, direct secure messaging, patient query, HIE connectivity, and an exchange API integration all in one easy-to-use platform.

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