Lumeris's Current COVID-19 Response and Solutions

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Virtual Care Access Package
Predictive models, analytics, and services to help payers and providers prepare for COVID-19 impacts

To support health systems and providers during this unprecedented time, the Lumeris Virtual Care Access Package provides COVID-19 specific models, analytics and services so payers and providers can prepare for COVID-19 impacts.


Our solution is designed to help organizations more effectively identify, prioritize, and manage patients at risk for COVID-19, resulting in more efficient use of limited resources. The solution also enables organizations to analyze COVID-19 scenarios and manage at-risk patients with provider, caregiver, and patient engagement tools that integrate into existing workflows. It also includes capabilities for automating routine COVID-19 health checks to increase office capacity to meet COVID-19 demands.


This solution will help organizations manage today’s uncertainties and position for long-term success by enabling them to:

  • Analyze and address potential risks across the enterprise, as needed
  • Manage resources and staffing to stay ahead of the demand
  • Focus resources on those patients most at risk from COVID-19
  • Reduce potential COVID-19 related emergency hospitalizations and readmissions


The Lumeris Virtual Care Access Package solution features:

  • Health System COVID-19 Reporting and Diagnostic: Run and analyze scenarios to determine potential clinical, financial and operational impacts of COVID-19 to the enterprise for the short, medium and long term.
  • COVID-19 Predictive Analytics: Utilize our freely available, open source COVID-19 predictive models to help identify, stratify and prioritize outreach and resources for those most at risk for hospitalization from COVID-19.
  • COVID-19 Engagement: Leverage engagement tools and resources through existing workflows to expand capacity through your own EHR, the MyPCP texting outreach tool or Lumeris Population Health Managers, enabling the PCP and care team to ensure that the most fragile patients are being monitored.

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