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NowPow's Current COVID-19 Response and Solutions

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NowPow’s personalized community referral platform is making it easy for people to find and access available community resources, so their needs are met, inequities are reduced, and the strain on our healthcare system is lessoned. Here’s how:


We’re making our platform meaningful right now. 

Rapid Resource Verification: Our platform now knows the current COVID-19 operating status for more than 45,000 vital emergency services in the nation’s hardest hit areas, thanks to the rigorous and rolling work of our Community Resources team.

COVID-19 Impact Screening: We created a free evidence-based screening that allows users to quickly identify essential needs related to the adverse impact of COVID-19 and automatically map those needs to highly matched vital emergency services NowPow has validated as open and operating right now.

We’re getting our referral tools into as many hands as possible. 

Community-Based Organizations: We added our text/email functionality and our COVID-19 screening to our FREE referral tool for CBOs (CommRx) and we created a CommRx Connector ToolBx to help people spread the word about CommRx.

Rapid Sign-On: We made it easy for our customers and partners to scale use of our mobile, one-way referral tool (NowRx) to new users by simply sharing a secure link that directs them to quickly sign on, watch a short training video, and start making referrals.

NowPow APIs: If you are using chatbots, remote monitoring or telehealth solutions to support your patients or members, we can supercharge them with our NowPow APIs.

We’re making our data actionable and available. 

NowPow COVID-19 Maps: We just released the first in a series of interactive COVID-19 Maps to track how community resource availability is changing over time by ZIP code.

COVID-19 Resource Insights: NowPow customers also have access to weekly regional resource availability reporting to share with other community stakeholders.

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