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Oneview Healthcare's Current COVID-19 Response and Solutions

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Oneview Cloud for COVID-19
Enhance patient-clinician and patient-family communication

To help hospitals manage the COVID-19 crisis, Oneview created a cloud-based managed tablet solution enabling virtual rounding, virtual visitation, and up-to-date information and entertainment at the bedside. Oneview Cloud for COVID-19 is designed for rapid deployment and can be quickly provisioned without any new infrastructure, without on-premises servers, and without Oneview staff visiting the hospital.


  • Conserves PPE and minimizes physical contact with COVID-19 positive patients
  • Allows patients to remain connected to the outside world amid visitor restrictions
  • Makes virtual interpretation readily available at every patient bedside
  • Provides education and entertainment at the patient’s fingertips
  • Enables one-touch device wiping using Samsung’s Knox technology
  • Requires minimal IT support; tablets arrive pre-provisioned and Oneview provides 24/7/365 device monitoring and support
  • Quick and easy to deploy; can be done in as little as 5 days


  • Virtual rounding: Allow clinicians to round on patients virtually using Cisco Jabber, Zoom, MS Teams or other tools. There is no login required – credentials can be permanently saved on the device.
  • Virtual visitors: Allow patients to call friends and family using Facebook Messenger, Skype or other tools. Patient login details are digitally wiped with one button press on the device, ensuring patient privacy.
  • Virtual Interpretation: Provide medical interpretation to non-English speakers through Stratus, Martti or Cyracom.
  • Education: Provide patients with up-to-date education about COVID-19 at the bedside through Emmi, Wellness Network, Healthwise, X-Plain or your own materials.
  • Entertainment: Improve the patient’s experience through third-party apps like Hulu, Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime Video, and Calm.


  • Software runs on Samsung tablets running Android 8 or newer
  • Tablet is enclosed in a durable case that can be sanitized
  • Tablets can be mounted to a rolling stand, on the bed rail, or on a tray table
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