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Premise Health's Current COVID-19 Response and Solutions

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Worksite health and telehealth
Worksite health and telehealth services to help organizations manage the COVID-19 crisis

Premise Health is offering a COVID-19 management product in addition to their traditional offerings. Premise Health has a unique and important opportunity in pandemic preparation and response. They not only have the bandwidth to impact the pandemic curve but their agile capabilities can also help reduce the burden on hospitals and the overall healthcare system.

They offer critical healthcare services that help clients continue to operate while keeping their employees safe during these uncertain times. Each of their products has the opportunity to go beyond the confines of its definition to prevent, manage, and treat members when and where they need it most—at work, at home, or somewhere else.

The following bundled products are being leveraged at Premise Health onsite, nearsite, and at virtual sites across the country to help manage COVID-19:

  • National Virtual Health: 24/7, on-demand virtual care across all 50 states
  • Local Virtual Health: Scheduled virtual visits with the existing onsite or nearsite care teams
  • COVID-19: Screenings and testing
  • COVID-19: Return to work protocols and adherence
  • COVID-19: Condition management
  • COVID-19: Strategic and clinical consulting
  • COVID-19: Care navigation

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