Signify Health


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Signify Health's Current COVID-19 Response and Solutions

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Signify Community
Outcomes-focused collaboration platform that connects healthcare and social service providers to address social determinants of health

Signify Community, a privacy-enabled collaboration platform, helps clinical and community partners safely share information, coordinate services, and connect individuals to community programs that provide access to transportation, food, housing, employment, financial stability, and other services relevant to individuals impacted by COVID-19.

Benefits of Signify Community include the following:

  • Access to a curated and accountable network of community-based organizations that work collaboratively to address SDOH that impede health outcomes
  • New COVID-19 risk factor assessment to help screen and identify individuals at risk
  • Simple-to-use collaboration tool that allows organizations across sectors to easily document client intake, perform SDOH screenings, send electronic referrals, manage program enrollment, and connect individuals to community-based services
  • A sophisticated, one-of-a-kind privacy architecture that prioritizes legal compliance and patient confidentiality, allowing cross-sector partners, both covered and noncovered, to safely and compliantly exchange information and comanage social care plans
  • Ability to incorporate all clinical and social information into a cohesive, real-time longitudinal record of a person’s actual lived experiences during the majority of time they’re not interacting with the healthcare system
  • Ability to aggregate all SDOH-related information captured in longitudinal records and connect them to downstream outcomes, such as quality, satisfaction, and financial performance.
  • Advanced reporting capabilities that track community-wide performance and accountability, informing process metrics and program improvements and identifying resource gaps

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