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SONIFI Health's Current COVID-19 Response and Solutions

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Interactive patient solutions
Interactive patient engagement tools to help educate patients about changes and recommendations related to COVID-19

SONIFI Health is highly sensitive to the effects COVID-19 is having on healthcare systems’ patients, communities, employees and business operations. The organization is prioritizing and expediting all COVID-19 requests, supporting customers by deploying messages, and optimizing information and workflows on their SONIFI Health interactive patient engagement system.

Site-specific safety protocols are being communicated on digital endpoints and interactive televisions throughout facilities. Digital displays can be easily and quickly updated to reflect changes to visitor policies, safety precautions, and operations protocols as often as necessary for the hospital’s specific needs in response to COVID-19.

Education videos from content vendors and the CDC about COVID-19, infection control and safety precautions are being added to and elevated in content libraries for clinicians to assign patients to watch. The SONIFI Health system is also being used to have these videos automatically assigned for patients to view on demand on the interactive TV, saving nurses valuable time that can instead be used for direct patient care.

SONIFI Health is working with customers to optimize their positive distraction, education, and beside request deliveries, both to help keep patients and visitors calm and to reduce nurse workflow needs.

To offer emotional support to isolated patients and exhausted healthcare workers, SONIFI Health’s system is also being used to share well wishes, motivational messages, and inspiration from community members, family members, and the health systems themselves.

Additionally, for hospitals needing to quickly add beds and capacity in response to the rapid spread of COVID-19, SONIFI’s nationwide field service team is assisting facilities in setting up the technology and networks in the new rooms. The service and installation experts are delivering inventory and using existing infrastructures to connect any distribution systems needed.

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