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Sonitor's Current COVID-19 Response and Solutions

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Sonitor Sense
Disease contact tracing and hand hygiene monitoring and managing of infection

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Sonitor’s accurate and reliable ultrasoundbased Sense RTLS technology, combined with best-in-class software applications, can help hospitals significantly minimize and control the spread of infections by providing real-time insights on the location, activities, and interactions of people and medical equipment.

By being able to trace, monitor, and record in real time every contact and interaction that anyone has with staff, visitors, patients, and mobile medical equipment, facilities can quickly pinpoint the people and assets that have been exposed to illness and take corrective action to reduce and contain the spread of illness. Combining this with automated technology to track assets and monitor hand hygiene compliance allows healthcare facilities to reduce and contain the spread of illness throughout their facility.

Sonitor’s RTLS accurately and reliably keeps track of where a person has been, who they’ve interacted with, what equipment they’ve been in contact with, and not only what rooms they’ve been in, but which bay or bed within that room. This scalable solution has been proven in mobile field deployable hospitals (“MASH” units) areas where sub-room level accuracy in an open environment is absolutely critical and is delivered with significantly fewer devices than any other RTLS technology.

How it Works

  • Contact Tracing:
    • Sonitor infrastructure is installed in every patient room and throughout the rest of the facility to meet accuracy requirements (room, bay, bed and hallway bed).
    • Staff and patients are assigned individual location badges.
    • Tags are affixed to mobile medical equipment.
    • Third-party application software generates reports to trace every person and piece of equipment that has been exposed.
  • Mobile Field Deployable Hospitals Needs and Benefits:
    • RTLS fully deployable in less than one working day
    • Bed level accuracy in tents within an open triage corridor and recovery area
    • Room level accuracy elsewhere through the deployable facility
    • Patient tracking and therefore, contact tracing, from point of unloading through to recovery
    • Mobile medical equipment tracking
    • Staff tracking
  • Hand Hygiene Compliance:
    • Sonitor’s Hand Hygiene Modules containing low radio frequency (LF) are installed in compatible GOJO dispensers.
    • These capture 100% of hand hygiene events by staff wearing Sonitor badges.
    • Number of dispenses accurately tracked from each device for compliance activity in real-time.

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