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SPH Analytics's Current COVID-19 Response and Solutions

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Smart Engagement Platform
Mass communication of customized information via a multimodal platform (text, mail, email, live agent, IVR)

In times of crisis, getting the right information to the right people at the right time can save lives. SPH Analytics’ Smart Engagement Platform allows health plans, providers, and government agencies to provide mass customized information at scale via a multimodal platform (text, mail, email, live agent, IVR). The Smart Engagement Platform can quickly reach hundreds of thousands of people, keeping them abreast not only of evolving clinical protocols and safety guidelines but also of changing logistics, such as triage sites and available capacity. The Smart Engagement Platform includes an option to analyze claims or clinical data to risk stratify the population according to established clinical guidelines or customized criteria. The Smart Engagement Platform offers three key benefits:

  • Promotes patient safety and clinical best practices
  • Helps calm patients by letting them know what is happening, how to deal with a rapidly evolving situation, and where to look for additional resources
  • Reduces stress on the delivery system by guiding patients to the most appropriate and most available resources

To get started, all we need is access to your claims or a list of targeted recipients, inclusive of demographic and contact information. If the risk stratification option is desired, the list should include ICD-10 codes for the last year. Then an experienced SPH Analytics project manager works with you to determine what information will be delivered to which recipients via which communication modalities. The communication content can be recorded or developed by you or by SPH Analytics. Throughout the campaign, you will receive a simple easy-to-read report detailing which recipients successfully received information.

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