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Azara Healthcare's Current COVID-19 Response and Solutions

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Azara COVID-19 tools
Identification and monitoring of those at risk or sick with COVID-19

The current COVID-19 situation is creating challenges for everyone, especially for FQHCs that care for so many already identified as higher risk due to chronic conditions and challenging environments.

Azara Healthcare has created new tools to help identify patients at higher risk for COVID-19 complications and manage patients that have been tested for COVID-19.

New Registries

  • Infectious Disease–COVID-19 Risk of Complication: Use this registry identify patients that are considered higher risk for COVID-19 as defined by the CDC—individuals with a diagnosis of heart disease, lung disease or diabetes. This registry includes each patient’s age, most recent date and diagnosis code for any of the aforementioned chronic conditions, and upcoming appointments (including telehealth).
  • Infectious Disease–COVID-19 Testing: Use this registry to evaluate and monitor patients who have been tested for COVID-19. The registry includes each patient’s age, most recent testing dates and results, coded symptoms recognized by the CDC, and upcoming appointments (including telehealth).

Other Considerations That May Assist You in Managing the COVID-19 Situation

Patient Care

  • Identify patients at risk who have an upcoming appointment so that you can make arrangements for them to avoid unnecessary exposure.
  • Reach out to patients at risk to address needs, such as prescription refills.
  • Filter by patient diagnosis, patient risk, and other filters found on Azara Healthcare’s registries to assist in identification of vulnerable populations.
  • Customize either registry to add additional inclusion criteria.
  • Look at risk scores if your center has the Risk Stratification Module.


  • Telehealth As you expand your telehealth capacity, use the Patient Interaction Measure group to monitor your utilization of telehealth.

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