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Tableau's Current COVID-19 Response and Solutions

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Tableau: Helping Healthcare Organizations Respond to the Demands of the Pandemic with a Data-Driven Approach

As a company and as part of Salesforce, Tableau is responding with best practices for the business, employees, and communities during this outbreak. Tableau’s mission is to help organizations see and understand data. We are facing an unprecedented public health crisis with the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. Tableau is responding with best practices for the business, employees, and communities during this outbreak.

We believe that data-driven decisions, and people working together for the greater good, are the best way through this difficult time. Right now, it's more important than ever to have the resources to answer critical questions that matter to your organization and people. This includes having access to timely, detailed, and trustworthy data to think quickly and move fast.

We have gathered the power of our Tableau Community and our technology to create a free COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Data Resource Hub to help you make confident decisions with data.

The Tableau COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Data Hub is a free, publicly available set of resources to help business leaders and the broader public to be informed and make data driven decisions in the context of the coronavirus outbreak. The hub contains:

• A clean, ready-to-use data stream of case reports. This daily updating case and mortality report data includes data from WHO, CDC, EUCDC, and other state and local government sources. Tableau cleaned, reshaped, and made this data ready for analysis.

• A downloadable, jumpstart workbook that enables anyone to blend their data with those on the outbreak and understand how it will impact their organizations. For instance, companies can combine their data on supply chains or office locations to understand it in the context of the outbreak.

• A curated gallery of the best visualizations created by our Tableau Community, including CNBC Digital and the Kaiser Family Foundation.

We now have a resource focused solely on the healthcare industry with the COVID-19 Healthcare Data Track. Healthcare data leaders and clinical staff can explore the latest healthcare data trackers capturing the way organizations are visualizing the spread and management of COVID-19.

Tableau has quickly switched all events to virtual experiences for 2020 and will continue to monitor the situation for events beyond that. This includes Visualize Health, a virtual healthcare data summit to support those who are on the front lines of the fight against COVID-19.

Tableau is a partner of the 100+ member COVID-19 Coalition (https://c19hcc.org/), formed by the Mayo Clinic and the MITRE, that built a website allowing access to numerous data resources related to the COVID-19 pandemic. Tableau provides the Coalition with an instance of Tableau server specifically focused on high performance access to vetted Tableau COVID-19 dashboards. These assets are evaluated by an advisory board headed by John Halamka,MD from Mayo and Jay Schnitzer, MD from Mitre, ensuring the high value of the content.

The Tableau Foundation is working quickly to develop campaigns to support local communities and its grant partner organizations.

• The Foundation has established two campaigns–one global, one local to Seattle through Seattle Foundation—to enable employees to extend support during the crisis

• The Foundation has also set up a $1 million relief fund for its partner organization that are particularly affected by the crisis

• Learn more about how the Foundations’ grant partners are responding here

Several organizations are using data to make decisions to manage through the global pandemic, including:

• A healthcare company is using the resources to gain visibility on key COVID-19 supplies that the clinical teams need to provide effective care and keep themselves safe.

• Public health agencies in several states are using Tableau dashboards to make up to date testing and official case reporting data available.

• A healthcare company is using Tableau dashboards to monitor COVID-19 testing, clinical staff availability, and facility utilization.

Tableau is working with several partners who have developed COVID-19 dashboards that they are making available without cost to customers. We have engaged our customers to make them aware of these free dashboards. Learn more about how Tableau is helping organizations lead through the demands of the pandemic here.

Caregivers are now finding themselves developing and/or facilitating education for their school aged children and children are being faced with a pivot to online learning. Tableau has launched Data Kids as a resource. This program is meant to support our community through this time with fun, educational information for their kids (ages 5 - 13) to consume, while teaching them about data collection and visualization of data.

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