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Vyne Medical's Current COVID-19 Response and Solutions

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Enable employees working from home to access voice, fax, and image solutions

In this era of social distancing and maximizing hospital space, providers are increasingly leveraging solutions that allow their patient access, revenue cycle, case management, and operations personnel to work remotely—keeping employees healthy, productive, and connected as they work from home. Several hospital and health system clients have successfully used Trace to empower thousands of employees to work from home with high degrees of quality, compliance, oversight, and data security.

The Trace platform from Vyne Medical offers a number of solutions to help address COVID-19 related work-from-home and resource bandwidth challenges:

  • Call-recording software
  • Digital fax exchange capabilities
  • Image-capture solutions
  • Integration of records to the EHR
  • Screen-recording functionality
  • Workflow-automation services
  • Management tools for monitoring compliance, quality, and productivity

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