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Community (1–200 Beds) HIS 2018

Community (1–200 Beds) HIS 2018
Innovation Wanted

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With market energy extremely high in the community space, KLAS is planning to do study around the unique needs of the providers whose organizations are on the smaller end of the inpatient hospital market (<200 beds). Providers in this space need the focus and attention from their vendor partners to be successful and to provide the needed functionality for their service lines to take care of their patient populations. Financial viability is top of mind for provider leadership teams in the community space and providers need a more dynamic and forward thinking approach to help them become more financially secure as they begin to take on new risk based agreements and stay viable in the coming years.

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Key Topics

  1. KLAS Definition of Community HIS & Products Included in This Report
  2. Cloud Solution Expectations Boost Perceptions of MEDITECH's Innovation; athenahealth Disrupting Critical Access Market
  3. Seeking Innovation, CPSI Evident & MEDHOST Customers Considering Other Options; Paragon Customers Holding Out Hope
  4. athenahealth and Cerner Partner Most Closely with Customers on Financial Viability
  5. Epic and Cerner Lead in Considerations Thanks to Combo of Innovation and Delivery Track Record
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