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Credentialing 2019

Credentialing 2019
Addressing Credentialing Pain Points

Authored by: Tanya Egbert and Lauren Barton September 24, 2019 | Read Time: 5  minutes

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Having a comprehensive credentialing process is vital for healthcare organizations to avoid malpractice, protect against financial risks, and ensure patient safety. As a result of many recent M&As, organizations have larger pools of providers to credential and are increasingly looking for IT tools with robust functionality and automation to make the process more efficient. This report, a follow-up to KLAS’ first credentialing report from 2018, dives into how well solutions resolve some of credentialing’s biggest pain points—time-consuming onboarding, manual and paper processes, and the need for a single, enterprise source of truth.

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Key Findings

  1. ASM MD-Staff, Modio, and Verge Deliver Value by Addressing Pain Points; symplr Cactus Falls Short
  2. ASM MD-Staff & Mostly Ambulatory Players Modio and Silversheet (Limited Data) Lead in Onboarding Support
  3. Acute Software Solutions ASM MD-Staff, Verity MSOW Deliver Automated Applications; symplr Cactus, Verity Echo Still Heavily Manual
  4. Customers of ASM MD-Staff, Verity Echo, and Silversheet (Limited Data) More Frequently See Platform as Single Source of Truth
  5. What Do Executives Need to Know about Credentialing?
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