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Enterprise Scheduling 2007 Market Review

Enterprise Scheduling 2007 Market Review

April 20, 2007

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Implementing Enterprise Scheduling is a significant project. It requires workflow redesign and interaction with registration and ADT, revenue cycle intake, clinical treatment planning, order entry, and case management. As an application, it presents one of the most complex interface and integration planning challenges and ongoing maintenance that is daunting. These applications are expensive to design, develop, test, and deliver for the vendors and are similarly a large investment on the part of the healthcare providers to select, implement, test, train, and maintain.

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This report includes a total of 10 products from 10 vendors. There are six products that qualify to be in the Main Body of the report and four that qualify for the Early Data section:

Main Body vendors (research collected includes at least 15 unique organizations) include:

  • Cerner Scheduling Management
  • Epic Cadence Scheduling
  • McKesson Pathways Healthcare Scheduling v.8-10
  • QuadraMed Tempus TempusOne
  • SCI Solutions Schedule Maximizer

Early data vendors (research collected includes at least six unique organizations) include:

  • CQI Care Tracker – Enterprise
  • Per-Se One-Call
  • Siemens Soarian Scheduling
  • StatSchedules StratScheduler

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