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Global EMR Adoption 2016 Global EMR Adoption 2016
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Global EMR Adoption 2016
Who Is Driving EMR Adoption and Satisfaction?

author - Jeremy Goff
Jeremy Goff
author - Jonathan Christensen
Jonathan Christensen
July 21, 2016 | Read Time: 3  minutes

Healthcare organizations across the globe face increasing pressure to maximize EMR technology. While EMR adoption is impacted by organizations’ readiness, existing systems, and contract structures, vendor guidance can make a dramatic difference. Providers want vendors that go beyond functionality to drive deep clinical adoption of documentation, CPOE, and ePrescribing. This report will address vendor performance as well as estimated adoption in these areas for multiregional and regional EMR solutions.


depth of adoption vs performance

All multiregional vendors have customers deeply using their EMRs, though most struggle to get high adoption in all regions. Cerner and InterSystems customers in Australia and Allscripts customers in Canada have low estimated adoption levels. These providers would like more vendor guidance around deployment; Cerner has shown improvement in this area. Epic has a comparatively small customer base and typically contracts with providers who plan for deep adoption. Good training and up-front clinician involvement help customers achieve near 100% adoption of documentation, ordering, and ePrescribing. MEDITECH 6.x customers in Canada have deeper adoption than legacy customers thanks to usability improvements.


Brazilian vendors MV and Philips leverage centralized resources and knowledge of local culture and IT requirements to help most customers fully adopt EMR technology. ChipSoft consistently helps their customers in Dutch-speaking countries achieve deep adoption despite usability and support challenges. Adoption of Agfa HealthCare in Europe is inconsistent and requires extensive provider effort. Few of CSC Lorenzo’s UK customers are live. Most aren’t using the functionality-light EMR deeply, focusing first on PAS.

adoption by vendor


which regions have the highest and lowest adoption
regional briefs europe


EMR adoption in Western Europe is comparatively high. Epic's strong integration, development, and guidance drive deep adoption. Cerner's efforts to be more responsive to customers have driven adoption in recent years. InterSystems' adoption is lighter due to a lack of resources and vendor guidance. ChipSoft meets customers' needs in the Netherlands, driving deep adoption. Usability, integration, and support are challenges. Providers say  Agfa HealthCare  is functional but that achieving deep adoption requires substantial effort. CSC lacks general functionality (ePrescribing is not yet generally available), though customers are optimistic about the development road map.

regional briefs northern america non us


EMR adoption in the region is comparatively low, though some providers have had success. Adoption of MEDITECH 6.x has been deeper than that of C/S due to better usability, integration, and functionality. Recently improved guidance from Cerner is driving deeper use of CPOE and ePrescribing. Providers view Cerner as committed to ongoing development and are confident in the solution's future. Allscripts customers report a usable system with good functionality that requires extensive provider effort to customize. Customers would like more guidance.

the middle east


Both InterSystems and Cerner have strong adoption in the Middle East, which has some of the deepest EMR adoption of any region. InterSystems, the top performing vendor in the Middle East, has improved over the years, becoming more usable and functional, with fast deployments. Users also say the vendor is quick to share best practices and help resolve issues, contributing to deep EMR adoption. Feedback from Cerner's significant customer base highlights Cerner's integrated portfolio. Communication and support are areas for improvement.

regional briefs asia oceania


EMR adoption is comparatively slow, in part due to state contracts that limit functionality deployment. InterSystems customers report high satisfaction thanks to good usability, strong integration, effective training, and properly set expectations. Private health systems report deeper adoption. Limited funds, IT resources, and vendor involvement limit public health systems' ability to fully deploy the system. Providers feel Cerner's performance is improving and say the vendor now places greater emphasis on delivering quality support and developing to meet country-specific needs. Poor training and usability, in addition to state contracts, have limited end users' access to functionality and deep adoption. Allscripts' customers like the localization that has taken place to meet their needs.

regional briefs latin america


Most EMR activity is found in Brazil, with much smaller pockets in Chile, Peru, Mexico, Colombia, and the Caribbean. Almost all Brazilian customers of local vendors MV and Philips report deep EMR adoption. The vendors perform similarly in terms of overall performance and adoption. Customers say MV stands out for clinician usability and functionality. Providers would like additional communication, a more responsive support staff, and more transparent pricing. Customers say Philips fosters strong relationships and a high level of trust with providers, and most say the vendor avoids extra charges. The user interface is not as intuitive as clinicians would like.

author - Emily Paxman
Emily Paxman
author - Natalie Jamison
Natalie Jamison
author - Robert Ellis
Project Manager
Robert Ellis
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