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Healthcare AI 2019

Healthcare AI 2019
Actualizing the Potential of Artificial Intelligence

Authored by: Ryan Pretnik and Lois Krotz October 25, 2019 | Read Time: 10  minutes

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Artificial intelligence (AI) has been a buzzword in healthcare for several years, but how real is it? Are healthcare organizations adopting AI? How are they using it and what outcomes are they seeing? Based on interviews with 57 trailblazing healthcare organizations, this report—KLAS’ first on this emerging area (specifically machine learning and NLP)—consists of two types of findings: (1) an AI primer with insights on needed AI capabilities, common challenges, and best-practice advice; and (2) early findings about what outcomes healthcare organizations are achieving with AI technology and how well their vendors drive value. Overall, vendor performance in the AI space is high (compared to other software market segments measured by KLAS).

Across the technology and healthcare industries, definitions of AI vary widely; KLAS’ working definition of AI was created for use in research regarding customer satisfaction with AI technology and was formed based on advice from many leading health systems and vendors.

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Key Findings:

  1. DataRobot and KenSci Drive Customer Success with Differentiating Service
  2. Top-of-Mind IBM Watson Health Starting to Turn the Corner in Performance, Still Has Room to Improve in Providing Value
  3. Jvion, Health Catalyst Support Diverse Use Cases but Fall Short on Performance; Clinithink NLP Capable but Not Fully Baked
  4. Other Validated Vendors: SAS AI Adoption Growing among Current Analytics Customers; Symphony AyasdiAI Healthcare Presence Shrinking
  5. Types of AI Vendors
  6. AI Adoption—From CHIME’s 2019 HealthCare’s Most Wired Report
  7. Validated Use Cases
  8. AI Framework
  9. Common Misconceptions about Healthcare AI
  10. How Healthcare Organizations Can Ensure Success
  11. How Vendors Can Help Drive Client Success
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