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Investor Newsletter March 2021 Investor Newsletter March 2021
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Investor Newsletter March 2021

author - Justin Long
Justin Long
author - Joshua Harris
Joshua Harris
March 12, 2021 | Read Time: 8  minutes

Monthly overview of recent KLAS insights, upcoming reports, and industry happenings.

Industry Insights

From the “KLAS” Room

Sharing the Product Road Map and Vision

Over the years, KLAS has seen that the vendors that have some of the highest satisfaction with their customers are excellent at sharing the vision or road map for where the product development is going. Additionally, these companies rely heavily on customer input for development priorities and then communicate directly with the customer to set and meet expectations around the delivery of this new technology. Customers report that these discussions are not “salesy” in nature; they do more to help the customer feel that the vendor is focused on helping customers achieve their goals and that the vendor is a true development partner who is concerned with making sure that the customer succeeds. However, simply developing the new technology is not enough. Vendors then need to ensure that their customers are fully educated on the new technology, and they need to develop the necessary training materials and programs to help customers succeed with the new technology. KLAS has seen many examples of vendors delivering great new technology only to falter with training their customers on it. This often results in high frustration, missed expectations, and lower customer satisfaction despite the huge investment from the vendor to develop and deliver the new technology.

delivery of new technology the customer experience

CX Framework—Product

KLAS has developed the Customer Experience (CX) Framework through decades of customer interviews with healthcare organizations and vendors throughout the world. This framework is used to help providers and vendors see at a glance where a product or vendor excels or where there needs to be improvement.

productThis month’s highlight: Product

When looking at the technology that a software vendor delivers, KLAS asks customers to rate their experience with the usability, integration, any missing functionality, and the vendor’s delivery of new technology, which causes customers to look at how the vendor has delivered in the past and what is being communicated from the vendor for the future vision or road map for the product. This pillar contains two of strongest and statistically significant predictors of a product’s future sales and customer retention and is critical to create a customer-centric culture.

KLAS Report Highlights

Specialty & Emerging Technology Reports—Published February 2021

best in klasBest in KLAS 2021:

At KLAS, our mission is to improve healthcare by bringing to light the experiences of healthcare IT users and decision makers. These collective experiences are shared in KLAS ratings, reviews, and reports. Providers and vendors alike use these insights to improve. When you have better information, you can make better decisions, and better decisions lead to improved healthcare across the world.

home health emrHome Health EHR 2021:
A Look at the Experience of Midsize to Large Home Health Agencies

Home health agency growth and consolidation have resulted in increasingly larger agencies, many of whom are seeking economies of scale and need strong IT solutions to drive them into the future. This report highlights home health EHR vendors’ performance among midsize and larger home health agencies (average daily census of >200) and explores a few key questions:

  • Which vendors are most often used by midsize or larger organizations, and how do they perform?
  • Are other vendors challenging Homecare Homebase’s significant presence in the largest agencies?
  • How have recent acquisitions impacted satisfaction for MatrixCare (Brightree), Netsmart, and WellSky customers?
  • Which solutions are most commonly used by independent agencies versus those owned by health systems?
home health emr overall performance score

clinical documentation improvementClinical Documentation Improvement 2021:
Who Excels with Both Technology and Relationships?

Some significant changes have occurred in the clinical documentation improvement (CDI) market in the last couple of years, including vendor acquisitions and technology developments. This report examines how these and other factors have impacted the customer experience and seeks to uncover which vendors provide strong technology as well as the relationships and guidance that healthcare organizations need to be successful.

clinical documentation improvement product has needed functionality

cloudbreakCloudbreak First Look 2021

Cloudbreak offers a unique telehealth platform that is built to scale and is connected to a network of real-time medically qualified interpreters. In the past year, Cloudbreak has offered a telehealth solution with their interpretation services. This report aims to validate the use cases where customers are using both the solution and the services.

cloudbreak customer validated features and services

Upcoming KLAS Specialty & Emerging Technology Reports

Drug Diversion Monitoring
Providers are adopting new drug diversion monitoring technology based on promises of AI-driven tools, streamlined investigation workflows, and an expanded view of the chain of custody of controlled substances. Amid this market energy, this study seeks to understand what is realistically possible with drug diversion monitoring solutions.

Enterprise Imaging 
Based on interviews with 6–10 of each vendor’s most advanced enterprise imaging (EI) customers, this study will explore what ROI organizations have seen from their own EI efforts as well as those of their imaging vendors (i.e., VNA and universal viewer vendors).

Enterprise Physician Scheduling
In trying to meet the scheduling needs and preferences of different departments, many organizations have ended up with a hodgepodge of disparate physician scheduling solutions. However, in a push to consolidate, organizations are now migrating toward enterprise scheduling solutions capable of serving physicians across all departments. The purpose of this report is to validate which solutions are being used in this way, how many departments they cover, and how well they satisfy customers.

Patient Engagement Ecosystem
With literally hundreds of patient engagement solutions on the market, organizations often struggle to organize and differentiate solutions. KLAS’ patient engagement ecosystem model helps differentiate vendors by clarifying, segmenting, and measuring solutions based on an agreed-upon framework. This framework has been updated based on insights from the 2019 Patient Engagement summit. It will be used in this report to define vendor-reported offerings and then differentiate vendors based on the breadth of those offerings and how well they align with the patient engagement platform model.

Release of Information (ROI)
Providing access to protected health information is an essential service in healthcare. Provider organizations are looking for service firm partners offering release of information services that provide timely, accurate, and validated information. This report will focus on firms’ performance in this space, with an emphasis on accuracy, quality, turnaround time for requests, and how well firms work with third-party requesters.

RRS Medical First Look 
Because of changes to regulations and protocols surrounding protected health information, release of information (ROI) solutions require flexibility and vendor experience to effectively support provider organizations. While many ROI vendors provide primarily services, RRS Medical supplements their services with innovative dashboards and software with the aim to improve turnaround time and efficiency. This report looks to validate the outcomes and satisfaction of RRS Medical’s most deeply adopted clients. Spotlight offers a solution that seems to go past the typical telehealth model by offering an online visit that creates unique notes, uses NLP to help assess a patient’s primary issue, and creates a care path for next steps. This unique approach to virtual care and care management makes a compelling option for provider organizations. This spotlight attempts to validate the performance, benefits, and outcomes associated with’s solution and its unique approach to virtual care.

For more information on KLAS reports contact the KLAS Investment Advisory team at

Industry Investments of Interest

What Happens to Healthcare Conferences in 2021?

KLAS interviews with vendor, provider, payer, and employee organizations suggest two factors that will impact healthcare conferences in 2021. First, many provider organizations are not budgeting for any employee travel in 2021. Second, in-person conferences will not materialize if the US does not achieve herd immunity by the third quarter of 2021. Without in-person meetings, how will healthcare professionals communicate and collaborate to drive innovation? In 2021, most events will be designed to engage virtual participants. Some companies are creating virtual conference platforms designed to improve the participant experience and provide smooth networking, education, and training opportunities. KLAS is exploring the idea of working with a business partner to deliver a virtual environment that highlights emerging technologies/medical devices that support healthcare delivery transformation. A component of this environment will be a global healthcare innovation community. Stay tuned as we prepare virtual environments that will deliver exceptional value now and will also be capable of supporting in-person conferences once it is safe to hold them.

AI Challenges

A recent article provides insights into the challenges of AI that healthcare will need to resolve to achieve the potential associated with this technology. The key challenges are associated with data privacy, standardization, errors and biases, and security.

Market Activities Impacting Investments

The Apple Watch is becoming a key remote patient monitoring device for improving patient care. A new study by Mount Sinai shows how the watch can predict COVID-19 infections well before the onset of symptoms: Mount Sinai—Apple Watch. Will the smart watches or the smartphones become the leading remote patient monitoring solutions?

all that glitters is not gold

Not All That Glitters Is Gold

In your quest to discover the next healthcare industry “pot of gold,” leverage the KLAS experts to help reveal whether your initial perceptions hold true. While KLAS may not be able to improve your luck, our industry-leading research and analysis can provide your organization with the tools and resources needed to make the most informed healthcare investment decisions. For your next custom project, contact the KLAS Investment Advisory team today:

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Secure the Date for DHIS 2021!

September 28th–29th at the luxurious Stein Erickson Lodge in scenic Park City, UT.

author - Natalie Jamison
Natalie Jamison
author - Robert Ellis
Project Manager
Robert Ellis
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