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Outsourced Coding 2018

Outsourced Coding 2018
Value-Adds Key in Evolving Market

Authored by: Daniel Zeitner and Lois Krotz February 13, 2018 | Read Time: 2  minutes

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Post ICD-10, provider organizations’ needs for inpatient outsourced coding are evolving as demand for this service is dropping sharply. Amidst this scaling back, the firms most likely to have staying power will be those able to adapt and provide additional value beyond quality coding. Since coding firm options abound, this report seeks to help provider organizations identify those firms that best deliver the value-adds they need, such as strategic partnering, leadership, and volume flexibility.

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UASI & TrustHCS Mentioned by High Percentage of Customers for Providing Multiple Value-Adds

As provider organizations make go-forward decisions in this highly competitive market, they are looking for firms that do more than provide quality coding. Customers of UASI, Oxford, and Peak Health Solutions feel they get their money’s worth and that their firms do not nickel-and-dime. These customer perceptions are largely the result of the firms’ willingness to negotiate on price and bring additional value.

Across firms, the most common value-adds provided include strategic partnering, leadership, volume flexibility, extended education, exceptional internal QA, and cost structure/pricing. UASI and TrustHCS stand out in providing additional value across multiple areas. UASI is highlighted especially frequently for their education, ___ which is provided for both outsourced and in-house coders and which targets the specific coding areas that may be challenging for each client. TrustHCS stands out for their QA process, which assesses which areas each coder ___ might be weak in and then tailors a QA program to ___ improve performance.

moneys worth vs nickel and diming

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Market Leader Oxford Excels with Customer-Focused Approach; MedPartners Significantly Underperforms

Among many high-performing options, customer-focused Oxford stands out for strong delivery across all key metrics measured in this report. Oxford, UASI, TrustHCS, and Peak Health Solutions are highlighted for having high-quality resources that meet clients’ quality and productivity standards and providing added value through strategic partnering and extensive education. For several MedPartners clients, a lack of high-quality, highly trained coders has resulted in multiple quality and productivity issues. MedPartners struggles to meet customers’ productivity expectations, and some clients report that the firm fails to adequately manage and take ownership of their coders’ productivity or quality. These challenges lead customers to feel they don’t get their money’s worth with MedPartners.

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