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Patient Safety Report 2005 Patient Safety Report 2005
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Patient Safety Report 2005

May 8, 2005 | Read Time: 1  minute

Five years ago the Institute of Medicine estimated that 44,000 - 98,000 hospital deaths per year were due to preventable errors. Since then, the focus on patient safety has become all-encompassing and includes government involvement, increased consumer awareness and several initiatives. In fact, JCAHO reports that almost 50 percent of today’s hospital standards are directly related to patient safety.

In response to the heavy emphasis placed on providers to increase patient safety and reduce medical errors, KLAS has compiled a new Patient Safety Summary Report from three recent KLAS studies:

- CPOE Digest, February 2005
- Pharmacy Information Systems Study, November 2004
- Medication Administration Bedside Study, September 2004

This report combines the salient points from these studies and their patient safety related components into one report.

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