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Telehealth Ecosystem 2021 Telehealth Ecosystem 2021
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Telehealth Ecosystem 2021
Understanding the Rapidly Evolving Landscape

author - Adam Cherrington
Adam Cherrington
author - Dan Czech
Dan Czech
author - Ciera Walker
Ciera Walker
May 20, 2021 | Read Time: 8  minutes

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The COVID-19 pandemic greatly accelerated healthcare delivery organizations’ adoption of telehealth and virtual care technologies. As these organizations scrambled to meet the immediate demand, they quickly implemented solutions that often required few resources and met focused needs. At the same time, vendors quickly pivoted to either develop dedicated telehealth products or add telehealth capabilities to existing offerings, creating a sea of options. This study, along with additional deep-dive content on KLAS’ website, shows which vendors report the broadest telehealth capabilities and aims to help organizations navigate different options as they look to consolidate systems and define their long-term telehealth strategy. For reader ease, links to relevant online content are provided where applicable. Note that the vendor-capability data in this report is based on vendor-reported information.

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Key Findings:

  1. What Is the Telehealth Ecosystem?
  2. Virtual Care Platforms (Non-EMR): Broadly Deployed Amwell & Teladoc Report Feature-Rich Solutions; swyMed Grows beyond Early Emergent Transport Focus
  3. Remote Patient Monitoring: In Still-Emerging Market, Remote Patient Monitoring Vendors—Led by Health Recovery Solutions—Report Surprisingly Broad Capabilities
  4. Video Conferencing Platforms: Workflows Stand Out among Video Conferencing Platforms
  5. EMR-Centric Virtual Care Platforms: Epic’s Workflows & Varied Use Cases Lead to Deep Customer Adoption; NextGen Healthcare Supports Multi-Specialties, Refocuses on Own Customer Base
  6. Other Types of Telehealth Vendors
  7. Vendors Not Yet Measured in Telehealth
  8. Telehealth Overview
  9. Telehealth Capabilities Index
author - Amanda Wind Smith
Amanda Wind Smith
author - Jess Wallace-Simpson
Jess Wallace-Simpson
author - Autumn Rigby
Project Manager
Autumn Rigby
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