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Divurgent's Current COVID-19 Response and Solutions

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Microsoft Teams
Virtual half-day session to deploy Microsoft Teams and implement best practices

Divurgent has been a 100% virtual organization since our founding 12+ years ago. We use Microsoft Teams internally and partner with organizations across the country to license or provision Microsoft 365 and enhance adoption of Microsoft Teams. As you deploy new technology and processes to support the virtual workplace, we can help. Specific to Microsoft Teams, and to support your efforts to transition to a virtual workplace, we are offering an at-cost virtual half-day session to:

  • Develop a road map to transition any remaining on-premise infrastructures to Office 365
  • Deploy Teams to your existing Office 365 environment
  • Provide recommendations to instill best practices and to get users onboard and up to speed quickly

Rapidly convert outpatient visits to telemedicine

Divurgent partners with organizations to convert office visits to telemedicine or other virtual care options by establishing a large-scale and virtual patient-outreach program. We are uniquely positioned to provide this service because of our ability to:

  • Rapidly onboard and monitor the performance of team members. We are a top-rated implementation, training, and go-live firm that regularly provides engagements with hundreds of team members.
  • Provide virtualization technology. As a Microsoft Certified Partner and through our experience with virtual help desks, we can provide our own technology or leverage your existing infrastructure to support outreach efforts.

At the onset of the COVID-19 outbreak, we were asked to support multiple organizations across the East Coast that needed to convert outpatient appointments to televisits. Within three business days, we kicked off the project, and we currently are converting 15,000 appointments per day. As a result of these efforts, these organizations are able to provide safe, effective care to patients.

We can help you to reestablish access to care for millions of patients, better serve your communities, and protect your physicians and support staff by converting scheduled appointments to virtual care or televisits. If engaged, we will:

  • Establish a triage mechanism and tracker for visits eligible for telemedicine
  • Support physician training and access to telemedicine
  • Deploy a team with technology to perform outreach appointments
  • Convert patient appointments
  • Confirm patients have instructions and technology on how to participate in televisits

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