Optimum Healthcare IT

Optimum Healthcare IT's Current COVID-19 Response and Solutions

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Laboratory and hospital consulting
Lab interfaces to support rapid testing methodologies and other services to help labs deal with COVID-19; support for telehealth, COVID-19 peak prep, and implementation of temporary hospital spaces

Everyone at Optimum Healthcare IT continues to focus on how we can best support our customers during this unprecedented time. We know that our customers—labs like yours—are at the very front line of this pandemic, and we want to make certain we are supporting you in every way possible. We are appreciative and proud of all the hard work you are doing!

Our laboratory IT consultants have been working with our partners to support them behind the scenes. We have been busy working with our counterparts to help implement new interfaces to support rapid testing methodologies for COVID-19.

We have also helped our partners modify current workflows, update billing requirements, and support the laboratory through this challenging time.

Additional available resources include:

  • Telehealth strategy and support
  • EMR-build resources to support short-term needs to prepare for the COVID-19 peak (e.g., facility structure updates, new users, COVID-19 dashboard creation, decision support updates, etc.)
  • Infrastructure PMs to support implementation of temporary hospital space or repurposing of existing spaces

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