Healthtalk AI

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Healthtalk AI's Current COVID-19 Response and Solutions

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Patient outreach resources
Automated patient outreach platform utilizing text messaging

HealthTalk A.I. is a patient relationship and patient outreach platform built to help healthcare providers maximize patient communication, improve follow-up care, and gain insight into patient experience at scale. It is a fully automated, text-based system that delivers user-friendly communication with specific messages and rules dictated by each healthcare organization. The system gives providers the ability to engage 100% of their population, further decreasing risk and amplifying quality of care impact.

HealthTalk A.I. can help fight today’s COVID-19 health crisis by doing the following:

  • Improving patient access to information by providing up-to-date, standardized messages to patients (in any language) to help decrease anxiety, promote delivery of accurate information, and decrease risks related to potentially inaccurate information circulating in the public.
  • Decreasing incoming call volume by allowing patients to self-schedule at designated times and indicate the nature of their question/request to automate scheduling with the appropriate resource.
  • Automating basic triage questions to promote timely response by giving patients the ability to self-select and indicate their symptoms, by providing specific and expedient responsiveness to patients and families, and by ensuring that they are routed to the appropriate resources.
  • Decreasing potentially dangerous walk-ins by giving patients peace of mind that they will talk to a healthcare provider at a designated time.
  • Informing patients about virtual services and obtaining consent by communicating with patients regarding new care delivery mechanisms ( i.e., telehealth or virtual communication) and easily obtaining necessary acknowledgement of information and consent to initiate remote care delivery.

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