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MDClone's Current COVID-19 Response and Solutions

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COVID-19 Synthetic Data Repository (a partnership of MDClone and its Global Network)
Sharing of anonymized clinical data to enable collaboration on COVID-19 research and treatment


  • Aggregate anonymized clinical data from multiple sites and facilities across the world to create a repository of realworld data on COVID-19 patients
  • Organize data for meaningful insights on utilization and care delivery experiences
  • Build synthetic data sets which can be accessed without privacy barriers
  • Enable analysts and researchers to explore aggregated synthetic data sets to find utilization trends and care pathway best practices


mdclone synthetic data repository proposed model

MDClone’s Synthetic Data Engine uses original data sets to create nonhuman subject data (HIPAA deidentified) statistically comparable to the original but containing no actual patient information. This data can be accessed to conduct analyses and build models utilizing what appears as raw patient data (but does not constitute PHI). This unique capability set will allow interested parties to share data without the security and privacy exposure associated with sharing PHI.

MDClone and existing customers are already building a catalogue of desired data elements to be shared from each site. Each site can then send data to the central environment at a client site either as tidy data (curated data files) or via OMOP, HL7, or another format (there is significant flexibility here).

This central environment will contain a substantial and growing number of COVID-19 patients with a significant number of relevant data elements. From this, synthetic datasets will be produced and made available to users through a portal which controls and monitors access. Synthetic data can be shared inside the cloud environment (with common analytic tools available).

How to Participate

To contribute data: Upon execution of a data sharing agreement, data teams can extract the available data elements, with guidance by MDClone, the client, and any other partners. To access data: Analysts, researchers, and others interested in accessing the data will submit credentials to be approved by a client administrator, and then access to the Synthetic Data Repository will be granted.

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