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The HCI Group's Current COVID-19 Response and Solutions

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Help desk services
COVID-19 patient triage help desk services

The HCI Group has activated a COVID-19 patient triage help desk group based on FAQs created with our clients. We have two levels: Level 1 for traditional questions and Level 2 for clinical RNs to address clinical concerns and symptoms.

Patient COVID-19 Questions—Tier 1 help desk resources

  • Working 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. shifts
  • Answering FAQs established by client and with The HCI Group on COVID-19; rescheduling appointments, links of CDC or where to go, how to prevent sickness, etc.
  • We are providing reports as to what wait times patients are seeing, how many abandoned calls there are, and how many calls you are receiving. This information will get more detailed as we progress, but as of right now, clients just want patients to have a person to speak to
  • All support resources are onshore and out of our call centers in Jacksonville, Florida; Plano, Texas; and Fargo, North Dakota

Patient COVID-19 Questions—RN Nurse Triage

  • Working 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. shifts
  • Receiving calls once the Tier 1 team has fielded and triaged to the RN level
  • Because of President Trump’s lift on across-state licensure, our RNs do not have to be licensed in your state in order to practice
  • Calls pertaining to COVID-19 symptoms and any severe cases the client would like the RN to field
  • Making recommendations as to next steps: Get tested, go to the designated testing facility, don’t do anything, etc.
  • All RNs are onshore and working out of their home offices with our technology

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