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Acute Care PACS 2006

Acute Care PACS 2006

October 25, 2006

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The "Acute Care PACS 2006" report provides a snapshot of the acute care PACS vendors and products installed in over 200-bed healthcare facilities and compares their relative strengthes and weaknesses, all PACS vendors, and the KLAS HIT average of all Healthcare Information Technology products in the KLAS Database.

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In addition, this report is able to provide an insight into trends in this market using prior year research in the Trending section of this document. A profile of innovative PACS solutions that benefit the patient care, teaching, and research missions of the Univerity of Wisconsin–Madison may be found in the Provider Profile section of today’s report.

Select Findings of Interest

  • Collectively, “Implementation within Budget/Cost” was the most common high scoring indicator. The most common low scoring indicator was “Proactive Service.”
  • With the exception of Sales/Contracting and ROI/Cost categories, the overall 2006 Percentage of Positive Commentary was an improvement over 2005 performance.
  • Vendor scores vary widely on several indicators. For example, “Implementation and Training” positive commentary ranges from 17 percent to 100 percent, depending upon the vendor studied and “Support and Documentation” positive commentary ranges from 33 percent to 78 percent, depending upon the vendor.

Vendors Included in the Study

The "Acute Care PACS 2006" report includes a total of 21 products from 20 vendors. Eleven products that qualify to be in the Main Body of the report, five qualify for the Early Data section, and five products have Vendor Overviews and Technical Assessments only.

Main Body products include Agfa IMPAX, AMICAS Vision Series PACS, DR Systems Dominator, Dynamic Imaging IntegradWeb PACs, Emageon Enterprise Visual PACS, Fuji Synapse, GE Centricity PACS v.2.0, Kodak CareStream PACS, McKesson Horizon Medical Imaging, Philips iSite (Stentor) and Siemens SIENET.

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