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ED Usability 2017 ED Usability 2017
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ED Usability 2017
Enterprise Considerations, Not Workflow, Shaping the Future

author - Jackson Tate
Jackson Tate
author - Alex McIntosh
Alex McIntosh
October 17, 2017 | Read Time: 3  minutes

For years, best-of-breed vendors have shown that it is possible to deliver an EDIS that meets provider organizations’ needs and expectations for usability and functionality. As the market shifts and enterprise vendors play a larger and larger role, they will need to keep up with the standards set by the high-functioning, best-of-breed solutions. To determine the impact that the most highly adopted ED vendors are having on usability and which are meeting customers’ needs, KLAS sought out hard-to-obtain feedback from physician leadership and ED end users.

1. Wellsoft, T-System, Picis, and MEDHOST Show Enterprise Vendors What Is Possible

Wellsoft has been the Emergency Department Best in KLAS winner for 9 out of the past 10 years, delivering an extremely consistent performance and one of the best support experiences in healthcare IT. Clinicians using T-System and Picis have also had consistently high levels of satisfaction in all areas KLAS measures due to steady delivery of new technology, tailored ED workflows, and generally satisfying support. MEDHOST has performed well overall, and some customers who have recently upgraded have seen an increase in workflow satisfaction due to improvements to the order entry process. With more and more provider organizations opting for better EDIS integration over ED-centered workflows, best-of-breed solutions are rapidly losing ground; but their streamlined, efficient software offers enterprise vendors a blueprint for what is possible.

clinician overall score vs edis ability to deliver an efficient and intuitive workflow

2. Customers Feel Cerner Has Done Little to Improve
Physician Usability

has usability changed over the last two years

One of the largest vendors with an ED offering, Cerner has made fewer impactful usability improvements than any other vendor. While Cerner continues to gain new ED customers and delivers a better workflow for ED physicians than MEDITECH or Allscripts, users feel hampered by inconsistent training, reactive support, and a lack of the kinds of innovation that could improve physician satisfaction. Respondents note Cerner’s efforts to reduce clicks with the introduction of Dynamic Documentation and PowerNote but feel these improvements have done comparatively little to minimize physicians’ overall documentation burden.

3. MEDITECH Jumps in Satisfaction but Still Has a Long Way to Go

Workarounds, system lag time, a confusing layout, and functionality geared more toward an inpatient environment are all complaints shared by multiple MEDITECH users who feel that considerable changes need to be made for the system to meet customer expectations. However, physician leadership at organizations using C/S EDM report a significantly better experience than do users of previous versions. While many customers feel vast improvements still need to be made, they acknowledge the efforts that MEDITECH has made to make the system more functional, including enhanced customizability options and an improved workflow.

change in clinician ease of use ratings for ed solutions 2012 2017

4. Epic Stands Out among Enterprise Vendors for Overall Experience, Stumbles in Usability Compared to Best of Breeds

Thanks to consistently excellent support, relationships, and general experience, provider leadership at organizations using Epic have significantly higher overall satisfaction than those using other enterprise vendors, despite lower workflow satisfaction compared to customers of best-of-breed vendors. Several Epic customers report excessive and repetitive clicking, back-and-forth navigation, and upgrades that create additional clicks; at the same time, users admit that these steps/clicks have helped improve patient safety, and respondents report that the vendor delivers more information at-a-glance. Clinicians using solutions from all enterprise vendors are unequivocal in wishing for fewer clicks. While many Epic users are quick to acknowledge that CMS, insurer, and patient-safety requirements complicate the matter, best-of-breed vendors have been able to meet these requirements without an increase in clicks. Multiple Epic customers point out that internal decisions and initiatives are at least partially responsible for preferences that increase clicks.

how effectively does your edis minimize steps clicks

5. Enterprise Integration
Trumps Usability as Healthcare Organizations Vote with
Their Feet

Enterprise solutions are leading the way into the future of EDIS as healthcare organizations are choosing integration over ED physician usability and functionality. While best-of-breed vendors stand out for technology, workflows, usability, and in many other areas, 42% of Wellsoft, 52% of T-System, 53% of Picis, and 51% of non-enterprise MEDHOST customers do not see their ED solution as part of their long-term plans. Many of the organizations planning on a change see themselves going to enterprise solutions to gain better integration, cost savings, and a seamless continuum-of-care experience. While enterprise EDIS vendors are improving slowly, it remains to be seen whether they will be able to step up and provide the level of usability and physician-centered workflows that best-of-breed vendors have led many organizations to expect.

edis ability to deliver an efficient and intuitive workflow vs part of long term plans

author - Jess Wallace-Simpson
Jess Wallace-Simpson
author - Robert Ellis
Project Manager
Robert Ellis
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